25 Responses to Best Music Maker Software – Live Demo

  1. How many features does the BTV Solo software have? does it only do for
    beat making? How about editing into a final song? anyways I find it users
    friendly in a way but maybe after making a beat through your software then
    I could proceed to Song Surgeon Software for editing. Thanks :)

  2. Thank you, Ive got a debt of favour at you ( i dunno i spelled it correctly
    but im from Singapore).

  3. good question, (or some semblance of metal) i’m sure those genres can be
    emulated to some extent well enough to create decent music for YT vids. I
    would like to see demos of simulated metal created with this kind of studio
    software. With the many drum, bass, guitar, and keyboard sounds available
    I’m guessing someone could create fairly sophisticated material if patient
    enough, i mean other than the dinky obscene nursery rhymes we hear booming
    out of the audio assault nigger’s cars.

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