25 Responses to Calibre to Kindle – Transfer & Convert Ebooks

  1. I have been downloading books to my KOBO with Calibre and it works great
    except some seen to “blow up” as i have heard some people say. Small
    margins, one word lines and such. I heard Calibre has a tool that can fix
    this problem,,,could you help me with it!

  2. Great video, but what about when you choose the device, it does not offer
    the one you have? I have a regular Kindle, nothing fancy- it wasn’t there.
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Sounds like you are using a Toshiba Laptop. I hear that distinctive mouse
    click sound.

  4. I just learned something. If you already have a MOBI file and it does not
    show up in books.. convert it through MOBI Output again the remove specific
    files types and remove the original MOBI file type.. then upload to the
    device and PRESTO!

  5. TwT i’ve been having problesm using calibre to conver EPUB files to mobi it
    always gives me a error message :could not convert because no support sorce
    formats were found!!!! what is this and how can i fix it? it just started
    doin this it was working fine! pleae can anyone help me fix this or is this
    a permanet problem?

  6. When I hit add it just stalls and doesn’t add my book, I have used it
    before and it worked.

  7. I wonder when Calibre will update for Kindle Fire, I just preordered it I
    wonder if I have to re-convert the files 😡

  8. Everything works.. but it’s just that the ebook in the kindle is missing a
    lot of letters in words.. Help?

  9. I just figured it out, save your document as a word document. Then save it
    as a web page, filtered. Then wala!

  10. No need to make it so complex. Whatever format you download your ebook in,
    if your ereader doesn’t like it, Calibre will automatically change it to a
    compatible one. Simple as that.

  11. I am having a terrible time transferring my calibre books to kindle. It
    will only allow me to have 2 calibre books on my kindle at a time. Please

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