DSLR vs Mirrorless Gear Talk 7

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In the first video of season 3 we compare an entry level DSLR – the Nikon D3100(http://bit.ly/NikoD3100) – with a mirrorless camera – the E-P3(http://bit.ly/…

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  1. If you’re looking to upgrade your camera and are wondering about the DSLR
    vs. Mirrorless debate, this is a great video to check out.

  2. There are 3 problems in mirror less.

    !) Autofocus in sports
    2) Battery life
    3) Frequent update cycle from SONY….

    The time these 3 are sorted out I will throw my DSLR and go Mirrlees 

  3. The number of lenses argument never makes sense. Yes, DSLRs have more
    selection. But, do you really need all of them…no. In typical, 16-50,
    24-70, 70-200; 24, 35, 85, 135 is all you need. Even, this is too many.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, the size issue is a very personal thing. I know
    some people that prefer shooting with mirrorless cameras and I can
    appreciate that because their hands are on the small side and a smaller
    camera works well for them. For others including myself, my hands are on
    the large side and I actually prefer the ergonomics of a full size DSLR. So
    I don’t think there is one single correct answer as far as size goes.
    Sometimes smaller size is great but our hands are not necessarily small
    either and we need to be able to work with our gear comfortably. For people
    like myself, I think DSLRs are about as small as a camera needs or should
    be. Weighing a little less would be a welcome improvement though.

  5. I have a Nikon D700 great stills camera fantastic in low light and a Sony
    NEX 5n with a speedbooster so I can use my Nikon lenses. This works
    perfectly for my needs

  6. Just so many wrong claims about mirrorless cameras, only because they are
    comparing DSLR to one specific mirrorless camera (that sucks in autofocus,
    that has bad EVF and that has worst line of objectives…. and has one of
    the worst button layouts (but better than average grip).

    Like there are mirrorless cameras that beats DSLR in autofocus speed
    (single, continues focusing/tracking comes just notch behind), that has EVF
    that beats any OVF in low or bright light or especially when it gets to bad
    light (snow storm, storm, very rainy day etc).
    And there is a mirrorless camera that has best grip and layout of any DSLR
    that is faster to use and get perfect results, while the DSLR owner would
    still be adjusting settings or checking rear LCD about settings.

    This should be “Canon vs Sony A7”, not a “DSLR vs Mirrorless”. 

  7. The bigger size being better argument seems hinged on comparing it to the
    Sony cameras. I would say the Fuji ergos are great.

  8. For me personally, i prefer dslr. I want to get more in to wildlife
    photography, so its a no brainer for me really. 

  9. Cool video, finally know the basics of Mirrorless vs DSLR.
    Apps are a mute point tho, I Cant see a reason why a DSLR can’t have apps
    if the maker implemented it, after all it’s just a computer.

  10. The thing is- the size difference means nothing if you’re lugging 3-4
    lense. Handling so fricken weird when your lens is nearly double the weight
    of your body?

    Of course, this point is so moot if you’re just rocking 1 small zoom.

  11. Great video, thanks. I’m currently still shooting with my 7yr old Nikon
    D300 and am planning to upgrade but have been caught between the D750 or
    making the switch to mirrorless. Scaling down on the weight and bulk of
    DLSRs is a key consideration but since it will initially be used for paid
    work I think I’ll get the D750 first and continue monitoring the Mirrorless
    systems for the next year or so til some of the kinks you discussed here
    (ghosting in low light, slower AF speeds, lens availability, etc) are
    worked out.

  12. You might need to better define “professional” use of a camera rather than
    using blanket statements. Weddings and sports are not the only activities
    professional photographers are found doing. Auto-focus is often never even
    used in some architectural, commercial, product, food, landscape and many
    other types of photography. In these cases the pure image quality of the
    Sony A7r run laps around a 5D mk iii. Just a thought when referring to
    “all professionals”. I’ve also shot weddings with both A7r & DSLR together
    and had no problem thus far in real world use with AF on the mirrorless.

  13. one question. I still have very few gear (a 50 mm 1.8 its the only
    noteworthy) … should I change direction and move to sony? It looks like i
    could get more stuff for my money right now as a wanna-be professional
    photographer that its still growin

  14. Stop debating the obvious points. Keep it moving and be concise. You don’t
    need to disagree on every issue to advocate for your product. 

  15. My problem is the type of lenses that Sony makes. Nothing as far as zoom
    and constant aperture, really, except maybe one or two. Plus, from what I
    know, their zoom/focus is electronic which is not ideal. I would love to
    have a native Sony lens that I can utilize the focus points
    with….constant aperture, and a “mechanical” focus/zoom that is
    repeatable. If this exists, let me know. I may have overlooked it.

  16. Should Of Compared The Samsung NX1 Instead. Features, AF Points, Build And
    Image Quality, S Lenses, FPS, In House Compatibility With Samsung Devices,
    Video, Etc. Not Sure If This Was Out At The Time Of This Recording However.

  17. I would like to see a Fujifilm XT-1 guy with that canon guy

    Even a Fujifilm XT-1 being APS-C sensor against FF canon
    the image quality is the same

  18. DigRev, I think the style of your videos are great; there is nothing to
    change. Can you do a 2015 follow up on mirrorless cameras?

  19. you had a very cute model. too bad you wasted her, and our time, by keeping
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  20. I love that their response to criticisms of being too silly was, “Hey, fuck
    you, we do what we want.” 

  21. Same shit.. I dont know why I watch this channel.. his same shitty jokes I
    never find them funny.. and wastes 4 mins of time every video.. As always
    midst all the non-sense I still love the content..

  22. You guys are great!!! I am from Canada but now live in Mexico. I have a
    cousin who lives in Japan. Do you guys know where my cousin can pick up a
    brand new Canon 6D SLR for the lowest price possible? In Mexico its really
    really expensive. Many thanks. :)

  23. No one seems to get the point of this video and many of your other
    videos…. People just can’t understand sarcasm and are too lazy to analyze
    anything these days… They want everything on a silver plate. But
    according to the amount of stupid posts from lazy brain dead people, I’ll
    do this one for you guys: each camera (mirrorless or DSLR) have pros and
    cons. Mirrorless have pros and cons… DSLRs have pros and cons… You need
    to look at what you get for your bucks…

  24. I get that your channel has a certain entertainment style, but there are
    people who are looking for genuine reviews and opinions and its annoying
    when you waste peoples time. At least put something in the description that
    says you are taking the piss, so people don’t have to endure your stale
    humour while they are looking for genuine information.

  25. Do a6000 kill every entry level dslr haha they all shit and the one that
    can beat it will step up to the a7s Sony is taking over People will abandon
    theyir dslr this year 

  26. well their obviously doing something right if their getting 1m views smh.
    if you dont like it…..dont watch it, unsub!!!!

  27. Hmm… The flash only pop’s up if the camera is in Auto… And the camera
    thinks that the lighting is too poor to get a usable result at a
    shutterspeed under 1/125 – 1/200 sek i believe… So i wonder why he’s
    using a full-auto mode..

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