Gerry after the Indian and Myanmar Wedding Ceremony

this is a part of Burmese culture that after the wedding, bride’s friend will visit their place and bless them with songs and GOd’s word..then with encourage…

cr: Aileen See how luhan is nodding to everything 羽泉 is saying just because he’s Luhan’s idol. I wonder how he felt after he heard the comments that 羽泉 made …
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  1. EXO M can prove now that they are one of the popular group in china and
    Luhan voted as a popular man in asia..keep fighting!we all support exo M

  2. They look sad because what Yuquan said is harsh reality for Chinese native
    music artists.12 years has past, but goverment did nothing to protect
    copyright, which means native artists could not earn their living.That’s
    why Yuquan said “Record has died.”

  3. so sad,,,I cheer for you, EXO-M ^^ Don’t be serious of that comment,,,Be
    smile,, I believe you all better than that

  4. It doesn’t matter what others say, if you become successful they will all
    stop and only look up at you even if they don’t like it

  5. He said:” I feel much more responsibility. Record has dead,but music is
    forever.We’ve started music career 12 years ago. During this time, all
    people said that there will be huge storm in Chinese music world . However,
    Yuquan is still here, so you are. Time develops, as one of music industry,
    we shouldn’t complain anything,not to game over.” MIC part is not included
    in this cut.

    POPULAR GROUP AWARD” at 5th Mengniu Annual Billboard Music Festival in

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