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  1. this is the best infinity mirror shown on youtube …you should make a
    truckload and sell them.

  2. @mushi4kata1 I think i got an explanation, maybe it is because I’m using a
    led strip not individual leds? they reflect light in a different way?

  3. @nte0631 The ones I bought already had all the patterns programmed into
    them. They are just “fairy lights” (LEDs not Bulbs); the same ones you’d
    find outside a house or on a Christmas tree. That’s how come they have so
    many patterns :). All those lights you see in there are connected on the
    same length of wire. Bought from eBay after searching for “Blue LED fairy
    lights” i think. They have a control box with something like 8 different
    light sequences.

  4. Audio information for this video Artist:Arts and Kraphts Galleries
    Song:Awesome 2 Time:02:01 Genre:Dance & Electronic It’s easy when you know
    how to find it 🙂

  5. @huddylou22 I reckonnn, if you search around a bit, you could get the
    materials for about $40. I always go for plug adaptors rather than batter
    packs. I would never pay that much for a kit, though its the wood i can see
    being a problem for some people to get. As for the lights, lol, i just
    looked, you can get the exact same lights as i did (with the 8 different
    settings, has a control box with a button) for less than $8 on eBay.

  6. @kingabdelbig I’m sorry but I do understand the question… in fact im not
    sure if that even was a question.

  7. dude.. one question.. do u have any idea how to make any symbol in the
    middle of the mirror like “heart shape” or something.. planning on creating
    this stuff..

  8. I’m guessing it’s a box with a small cavity and a mirror in the back
    without the window having one way Murrow material so you can see through it
    yet the led’s get reflected 🙂

  9. I have an idea! you make 2 of them 1 with blue light and one with yellow
    put them on the opposite side of a room and try to jump through them XD

  10. see this? this… hahaha… this, THIS IS WHY WE DONT DIVIDE BY ZERO
    PEOPLE. ima need to make a call with god to fix this.

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