14 Responses to How to convert eBooks from one format to another using Calibre

  1. Hi Im not sure if u can answer this but Im trying to convert my book to
    epub. for some reason it still has the ibooks author symbol on it after the
    conversion. I cant upload it to google play because of this. Any
    suggestions? Also I use a whole new file to try and convert and it still
    has the ibooks symbol after the conversion. Thanks 

  2. make sure all the settings are exactly as you see here. also, you might
    want to try it with other books perhaps

  3. the problem is when I try to convert from PDF to Epub and mobi, it has sth
    wrong with margin and paragraph error. any solution to fix on page setup ?

  4. can you convert nook ebooks that aren’t compatible with the nook simple
    touch to work on the simple touch?

  5. how do you fix margins from docx to epub using calibre using windows? the
    margins came into off adding an extra page. the book has margin 5 right/
    left 7/ top 5/ bottom 3

  6. I converted a MOBI ebook to PDF successfully, however, the PDF font is
    sooooo small even after magnifying it to 200%. What am I doing wrong?

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