How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Word, Rich Text and Open Office Text

PDF’s are useful when you want to send a file and don’t want to formatting to be messed up, but they are a pain if you want to edit them. If you don’t want t…

How to Convert RAW files to DNG using the Adobe DNG Converter.

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  1. Thanks mate. I found converting to docx at Zamzar was even better than open
    office. It kept the format perfectly!

  2. Debut Video Screen Capture Software. It’s by NCH software and I am using
    the free version

  3. I have Nikon NEF files (Raw) and the DNG converter can not find them in the
    folder, when I open the desktop folder with my NEF files inside the
    converter just see’s a completely empty folder where I have stored my
    entire selection of NEF images.. please help to explain how the DNG can
    see my NEF images? Thanks.

  4. How do you get raw files to the desktop? There is no option when exporting
    from aperture for raw files to the desktop. Only jpg tiff etc The dng
    converter doesn’t seem to want to open anything in the desktop as well.

  5. i have .rw2 files. but i cant convert then. it sais that the source folder
    doesent contain any “camra raw” files that are working….. why? help me

  6. hey there. I have been using the DNG Converter for some time but some days
    ago it stopped working, The fields are transparent and cannot be used. I
    googled all over the place but can;t find any help. Do you happen to know?

  7. Great job Chris, Are you going to do any more? Your video is an inspiration
    in that I have done a good many videos but have not contributed in a while.
    From the presentation of you video I can see how valuable Youtube can be.
    Thanks for the info and inspiration.

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