How to Download Free Kindle Reading Apps to Your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

Ebooks eliminate the cost of paper, ink and shipping. Same information… same quality… lower cost,,, and you don’t need an ebook reader. With a free Kindl…
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  1. Ebooks are the future, but I don’t expect you to go out and buy an ebook
    reader. Fortunately, Kindle offers free reading apps which give you the
    ability to read ebooks on your computer. To encourage you, I have made the
    “Artisan Bread with Steve – No-Knead Sweet Rolls” cookbook available for
    free from October 12th thru 16th ( limits promotions to 5 days).
    This is an excellent opportunity for you… the Kindle app is free and
    “Artisan Bread with Steve – No-Knead Sweet Rolls” is free. Give it a test
    run and see what you think. The sweet roll recipe is not available in any
    of my YouTube videos at the present time.

  2. Thank you so much, Steve, for the step by step on how to download the
    Kindle App for my computer. I downloaded your book and looking forward to
    the recipes I have not made yet. John

  3. I also want to know how to make a site TV portal with movies work in my new
    Kindle HDX.Do you know?

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  8. I am conserved will this miss up anything on my kindle lol I mean I am just
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  10. The only game that works so far is minecraft, every other app says after I
    finish downloading it says that an error has occurred or Internet problem
    or something like that…but at least I got minecraft

  11. hey guess what i already have mine craft without 4 shared and no root just
    go from amazon store pro free don’t ask ok

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