Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 0:57 – I don’t have the bottom section labeled “Remote Desktop”. The app is
    definitely installed though

  2. You need Windows 8 Pro version to allow RDP access to your computer. I had
    to make the upgrade to get this feature. 

  3. Windows RD sucks arse. Too many problems setting up this and that and it
    doesn’t update those settings very fast so leaves you wondering what the
    hell is wrong when it’s the mickysoftwareshits.
    Teamviewer program does it faster and better. Download Teamviewer and
    literally in 2 minutes you’re done. Comes with video, chat and audio
    collaboration for FREE also.

  4. whether it will work in win 8 ? I have both win 8 pro and win 8. It’s
    working in win 8 pro but working win 8. +Rahul Raj 

  5. Its good BUT does not tell you how to get back there again with just the
    pass word as it is on the old systems so left hanging 

  6. Can you tell me whether more than one person can remote desktop at the same
    time? For example, if I have three kids, each have a user account on of my
    big windows 8 tower box. I would like each kid to be able to remote desktop
    to the big windows 8 box from their cheapo laptop to play their games that
    wont run on the cheapo laptops.

  7. These people fail to mention they are using either Ultimate, or
    professional. Home Premium and lower do not have those options. That’s why
    you don’t see it.

  8. Hey can you help me out here. When I open system properties I only how the
    option to remote access, I don’t how the option to remote desktop. Could
    you help me please!

  9. i have a question ho did you put all of the vmware info into the windows
    system propreties if you can please make a video on it.

  10. Hi, can you tell me how to configarate remote desktop connections from
    outside of my home network, I meen I am using my laptop at my home and my
    friend using his laptop at his home at different city so now how can I
    permit him to access my computer with public ip. “I am not asking about lan
    connection or same network connection”

  11. Can anyone tell me please how to add printer driver to startup menu of a
    remote computer in win7? I used to do that in winXP by doing the following
    1) from my computer I click on run then \remote_computer#c$all
    programsstartup and then I access network printer driver using this
    command \printerseverprinter# and drop that printer# icon to the
    startup… and when user of remote computer restart the computer, the
    printer gets installed automatically? how to do that in Win7?

    In another words, how can I access remote computer (Shell:PrintersFolder)?
    I want to access remote computer PrintersFolder,. By remote computer, I
    mean another computer connect to our network, so I can add/delete printer?
    any help would be very very much appreciated. Thanks and thanks for the
    video, very good one.

  12. + One alternative another way is use LiteManager for Remote desktop
    connection and control, fast and free.

  13. Please help! I dont have the Remote Desktop option under remote!!!!! OS
    windows 7 home premium

  14. How does your work computer know where to find your home computer without
    some kind of IP address input? 

  15. I enter the credentials on my laptop for my desktop and it does not
    connect. They are even in the same workgroup.

  16. i dont have this Desktop How i Find This i go start and then Search Nothing
    Found !
    Can Some One Help me ? 

  17. hey im trying to connect my mac with my windows 7 64 bit os computer but it
    won’t display the options REMOTE Desktop (select users) on min 1:03 on the
    video any help with that???

  18. i think if you want to acces your main user you still need to put password
    on it.. im used not putting anypassword on it

  19. This tutorial is lackluster. You can’t just type in your user name into the
    RDP box unless you have saved the connection. Most people watching this
    will not know this.

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