Free Recover Data from Windows 10 Phone Version for windows

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1 Free download bplan data recovery software

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hard drive recovery

hard drive recovery

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This page talks about some main new Windows 10 phone version features and how to retrieve data from Windows 10 phone version.

Windows 10 phone version new features

Windows 10 for phones coming with lots of new features to guarantee a natural and comfortable user experience. Let’s look what these feature are.

Background Image: The most immediate change is a shift of the background image to sit behind the UI tiles, making for a much tidier and more attractive interface.

Action Center: Windows 10 new Action Center that collects notifications and syncs with your PC allows you to dismiss a notification across devices.

Notification: Windows 10 phone version offers users new support for in-line responses to notification, that means you can directly reply to messages, alarms, calendar alerts, etc. right from the pop up notification.

Phone and message apps: Being equipped with the messaging switching capabilities, Windows 10 mobile version enables you to swap between talking to people over SMS, Skype and other apps. So you can easily upgrade from a messaging conversation to a voice call.

Other apps: Except for all the above features, Windows 10 mobile version supports a collection of wonderful apps including better-looking, touch-optimized version of its Office suite, a new Outlook mail client and new Calendar and Photos apps. All these applications contribute to make your work and life easier.

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