Free How to Remove Crysis Virus and Decrypt .Crysis Files for windows

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How to recover lost file from drive partition, sd card ,external hard drive, usb drive

(eg : text, document, video. mts,audio,impage, photo or cad,pdf etc other files) from your hard drive (seagate, wd etc)

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1 Free download bplan data recovery software

– Setup the software

– if your want recover usb external driv,sd card, memory card, pleasae connect it to your pc

2 open the software,and then select the recovery mode “unformat” on the main interface

go to the page and view the details recovery guide :

hard drive recovery

hard drive recovery

hard drive recovery

file recovery

Give your best try to remove Crysis computer virus and decrypt .Crysis files by following the tutorial guide

Overview of Crysis Virus and .Crysis Files

Crysis is a type of ransomware virus that severely affected files on a computer. It doesn’t change the name of the files, but appends .Crysis extension to the affected files. Perhaps more .Crysis extension variants will be created, which we listed in below:

.locked, .kraken, .darkness, .nochance & .oshit

So, when your computer files suddenly changed to the mentioned file extensions, be extremely alert. Crysis virus has intruded in your system and began doing damage. What’s more, Crysis ransomware turns desktop wallpaper into image with texts (text information is written down in the screenshot) to ask you pay the ransomware if you want to remove Crysis virus and decrypt .Crysis files.

It’s annoying to have virus infected computer’s files. Paying ransomware usually gets files back, however, it’s not safe. The hackers can steal more of your personal information. So, before you take the risk, first try to restore Crysis encrypted files by referring the following guide.

,thank you

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