20 Responses to TEST OF AVS VIDEO EDITOR(Mw3 Montage)

  1. How do fast foward it nd slow it down during a clip ?? i have the full
    version doe
    p.s nice edit

  2. i just downloaded avs full. subscribe to me? im about to montage my clips
    together and hope something good comes out

  3. ye its good but if you dont have the full version you will have that
    message across it :L

  4. hay like your vids ive use avs but ive been having problems with the black
    lines on the actual youtube uploads do u know what i should record with
    setings wis like 720×480 and also what i should put the aspect ratio as?

  5. just installed avs for my montages dont know how to use it yet, but this
    looks good tho man

  6. I Know How To Get Rid Of It xD Check Out My Clips. I Use AVS And I Dont
    Have It Across My Video. And I Didnt Buy It !

  7. is there point getting avs (not full version) i’d rather not have that
    message on mine :/

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