The Goodbye Song – SMASH Cast

The Goodbye Song, an original song written by Joe Iconis, performed by Katharine McPhee, Jeremy Jordan and Krysta Rodriguez in The Producers. Lyrics: Jimmy: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. I feel like this a perfect graduation song. The song can be taken as a
    departure from the physical world but reading the lyrics over it doesn’t
    necessarily have to be taken that way. For instance someone’s friend is
    graduated from high school and they [The friend] is an underclassmen or
    rising senior and wants to go with the graduated senior to college, being
    with them for more time. They can’t go to college with them but they
    remember them in the school setting and they [graduated senior and friend]
    will reunite again at some time.

  2. Going to miss this so much! Would love to see Hit List and Bombshell in
    live theater!

  3. This show has been canceled, but Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is still airing?
    Makes no sense

  4. This will go down as one the best songs in television history! Cancelled or
    not, you made history. Bravo!

  5. I wish there was going to be a Hit List show… maybe there should be a
    kickstarter (it worked for Veronica Mars, right?)

  6. Let’s be entirely honest here, the songs were excellent but the writing for
    the show’s characters really went downhill. Jimmy was poorly written and
    they seemed to have run out of filler ideas. But both the musicals were
    great and I’d love to watch them live.

  7. I still can’t believe this is a cover! I had no idea Joe Iconis didn’t
    write this for the show!

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