15 Responses to Tutorial: How to use Reason’s Spider Audio Merger/Splitter

  1. Can i play more sounds at the same time with spider ? i mean like i want 2
    or 3 sounds and if i hit a key on the keyboard all 3 sounds are combined
    … can you do that because it seems i cant’ 🙁

  2. @huntspoint20 thanks! When you want a single midi event to trigger multiple
    instruments, the best way to do this is to use Combinator. You can then
    create a submix of all kinds of instruments/effects that get triggered by
    the same midi events. I’d recommend going this route. Perhaps I should
    create a tutorial of Combinator too, but I’m sure there are some good ones
    out there already.

  3. First let me say great tutorial man short and straight to the point second
    i have one question is it possible for me to stack kicks with a redrum
    using spider for example i wanna load up like 4 kicks and press one key and
    have all 4 kicks play at the same time if possible please tell me how

  4. If it’s a Mono synth how do you expect to make it polyphonic?? LOL That’s
    why it’s called a monosynth. It’s not a polyphonic that’s been switched to

  5. I have a kong opened in a combinator, with various effects on the pads, and
    I’m having some trouble with connecting specific sound with a reverb,
    through a spider merger & splitter, and the Kong goes to 2 line 6 mixers in
    the combinator. I’ve had trouble with getting sound at first, but i fixed
    that part. Now that I’m trying to connect to a pad that goes from the kong
    channel 11-12 to a mixer, it’s here the problem starts. I can’t make the
    reverb work no matter how i connect it to the splitter

  6. Hey bro trully thanks for the info, u help me a lot!!! Use some Mclass
    stuff for better quality XD. Cheers bro!!!

  7. Hey Carl, i have a question in regard to the splitter! Im trying to make a
    distortion effect for a live vocal unit by using 3 neptune pitch adjusters
    and a spider splitter but when i try to wire the adjusters to the splitter
    then the splitter to the audio track channel, it wont work! Can you help me
    please as i really want to get this effect done and sorted!

  8. so,, whats th edifferent between combinator and spider audio merger &
    spiltter..thanks man,,

  9. Why not just change mono setings to poly in the synths and play instead of
    making new instruments and merging them? And what other use can have that

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