25 Responses to Use Calibre plugins to deDRM Kindle ebooks for use in iBooks

  1. Great video. Very helpful except that I have a newer version of Calibre
    and I cannot find “Load Plug-in from file” button on “Get plugins to
    enhance Calibre” I have version 1.21. Any suggestions?

  2. Thanks!…it finally worked (technically challenged :)…there was some
    Adware my antivirus detected while downloading…I do have a question
    though David..

    When I use Calibre to convert books into PDF for instance, will I be able
    to change sizes and fonts? The writing is HUGE! Please tell me how I can
    change the size and spacing…thanks!

  3. I prefer epub over pdf for books mainly because the text flow adjusts to
    the screen size of the device you are using and the font size you choose.
    You’re not limited to viewing the original page layout as you are with a
    pdf. Of course, in some documents with complex page layouts this can be a
    problem in an epub and so you’re better off with a pdf. But for books I
    definitely stick with a ebook format rather than a page based format to
    avoid the problems you’re experiencing.

  4. Hi thanks for the video! But i have a problem, i have followed your
    instructions to the word but still the AZW3 file wont unlock, or the DRM is
    still on. I keep getting the error : No key found in 4 keys tried. Any

  5. I’d avoid converting to pdf and stick with epub. If you must have pdf, I’m
    guessing there might be better tools for epub->pdf. Beyond that I’m afraid
    I cant help much.

  6. 1992ipodlover, Alf’s toolkit does NOT work for iBooks DRM. He has a post on
    his blog with the heading “Apple and ebooks: iBookstore DRM and how to
    remove it”

  7. Hi – I am trying to convert an azw file to epub. I followed all of the
    steps exactly as you presented them, but when I got to the “convert book”
    step, I got an error message that said “Cannot convert Lonely Planet Japan
    Travel Guide. This books is locked by DRM. To learn more about DRM and why
    you cannot read or convert this book in calibre, click here. A large number
    of recent, DRM free releases are available at Open Books.” Any idea what I
    might’ve done wrong? I’m working on a MacBookPro

  8. Could have been due to the extra coverage the issue is getting following
    reports of Amazon deleting someones kindle library. A story today on
    Lifehacker links to the Alf Apprentice blog.

  9. Great video, I have been trying to get the books I have on my rubbish Sony
    reader into my Kindle and found Calibre but could not find the plugins in
    the right format (mac opens zip files automatically and Calibre needs them
    zipped). your video and link to apprentice Alf did the trick. I have a
    whole lot of expensive books I can start reading again. Many Thanks

  10. I believe the PRC format is slightly different from AZW. This statement
    from apprenticealf’s website may help If you have Mobipocket ebooks, where
    you either entered a PID on the retailer’s web site, or you must read them
    in Mobipocket Reader, you must enter the PID you entered on the retailer’s
    web site, or the PID of your installation of Mobipocket Reader into the PID
    customisation field of the K4MobiDeDRM plugin

  11. This how-to vid is about converting to epub – not pdf. Jahstice, I think
    you’ll need to search for a more relevant video or maybe even a software
    tool that fits your needs better than Calibre. Try Adobe Acrobat its only
    $400 😉

  12. Hi. This seems to work well. I tried this with a few book, but one of them
    won’t work. Same error as benjamin colin is having.

  13. Thanks Hurschti97. I agree, a similar solution for iBooks would be great
    but Alf’s tool set doesn’t handle their DRM. For me that’s a good reason to
    be buying on Amazon. If you find a good solution let us know.

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