25 Responses to Wish-List Picks: Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Hi Love the reviews you put out. I have a question about which camera to
    buy. I knows it’s such a generic question and so many variables play into
    that. I will give you some background and try to answer basic decision
    variables so you can advise me. Firstly I’m not a professional or amateur
    photographer. I belong to the lot who have been shooting pictures with
    point and shoot cameras but love a nice snap. Try out interesting angles
    and try to capture great architecture with my family in the frame on
    vacations. Love taking pictures during my travelling and also love taking
    pictures of my 19 month old daughter playing and doing random stuff…I love
    the DSLR results that people take and share with me, but I don’t know much
    about ISOs or aperture etc. plus I don’t like the bulky body in terms of
    carrying it around. I think I would like to learn more to make my photos
    better but I don’t see myself being a advanced photographer with multiple
    lenses. My budget is under $800 dollars. As I don’t want to spend too much
    but yet want DSLR type results (especially low light photo results). With
    the research I did I came up with the Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm VRII lenses,
    Nikon 1 AW1 (as its water & Shock proof and not bulky) and Fuji film XM 1
    (cause not bulky and amazing pictures I think cause it has the best
    sensor??) or Sony Alpha A6000. Some say A6000 is the best entry level
    mirror less camera out there! Does it have a better sensor than Fuji M1?
    Are the pictures as good as the M1??? . other two that came higly
    recommended are Olympus OM-D E-M10 and Samsung Galaxy NX

    What would you recommend out of these? Based on my user profile please
    suggest best 2 out of these. Will highlyappreciate your support for me to
    make this decision.

  2. I’m stuck between the NEX 7 and the A6000, which one takes Canon Lenses and
    which one would you recommend overall video & picture quality wise….
    would appreciate some input on which one has better low light compatibility

  3. Hi,
    May u give me some model of mirrorless camera for my holidays so that it
    could capture Good and nice pictures and why do you choose that compared to
    Thank you 

  4. Hello,
    Please i need to buy a camera that can give me great and high quality
    photos for my work like finishing, decorating and some materials, also to
    use it for my personal traveling, my budget about 800 usd , so what camera
    i should to buy and with good size, and what lens , thank you

  5. Good job on video! A lot of useful and accurate information about selling
    features of your “favourite” mirrorless cameras! Not many people can put
    these cameras on the same table and compare, so it would be nice to hear
    Pros and Cons of each one, and a real life and side-by-side performance…
    most reviewers miss that for some reason… and yes… as comments here are
    saying no one talks about cameras issues… at all!

  6. After the sony a7/a7r its hard to get excited over any other camera. The a7
    is a direct competitor to the leica

  7. Want to get an idea of how Sony fares against its competitors in the
    mirrorless market? Here is a rundown on whats available.


  8. One of the big problems I have seen in every single LCD screen camera is
    that they are almost impossible to see in daylight or even in some bright
    light situations.

  9. Nikon should have stuck ports for fiber optics cable on that waterproof
    camera for external flashes… 

  10. I’ve read that the Sony A7s shutter isn’t quieter than a DSLR at all.
    Haven’t seen/listened to any Youtube shutter tests though, so I hope that’s
    not true.

  11. doesnt the a7 with nex lens becomes 16mp and a7r becomes 24mp. not half of
    each. it was explained in the sony a7 video at b&h channel

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